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G & D Kilby

Trish Cenci has been our go-to agent in Kelowna here in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia for a number of years. In each of our selling and purchasing activities, Trish has accurately interpreted our needs. She has been right on with assisting us in evaluating the correct selling price to meet what we were trying to accomplish in the marketplace. Her understanding of both our short-term requirements and our long-term goals with very competent research of the market at that time assisted us in achieving those goals. We have always been impressed with the attention to detail and the expeditious transfer of information to us that has allowed us to act and acquire the property that was a perfect fit for us. That sense of expediency has never put us into a bidding war that would put us at a disadvantage. Trish has always had our best interest at the heart of every transaction. Her negotiating skills combined with a knowledge of the competition has allowed us to receive the highest benefits from our hard earned investments and acquire the next project and home at the right price. Trish Cenci brings a personality to your day that is uplifting and endearing. We highly recommend her services to anyone that is desiring a professional and pleasurable seller and/or purchasing experience.

Heather B - Kelowna

Trish was my agent on a previous purchase and I remained with her for over 10 years. On both purchases, she went above and beyond. In the first purchase, she entertained my ideas late at nite and secured the property I wanted in a tough market. Upon selling that first property she again went further than most agents would in trying to get the sale completed. In my most recent purchase, my husband has commented numerous times that Trish really stuck to it and went above and beyond. We were really disappointed in the seller's realtor so Trish had to work very hard to make sure things on both sides were getting done. She also had excellent mortgage referrals and was tirelessly showing us properties until we found the right one.

Did you get the home value you desired from this transaction? Yes
Would you use this professional again? Yes

Leonie & Rod McLeod - Australia

We decided to take on the daunting idea of investing in Kelowna all the way from Brisbane, Australia. Our son was starting college at UBCO in 2 months time and investing looked like the best option.
We replied to a couple of ads online and Trish replied to an advert we had seen in Quail Ridge straight away. Trish not only gave advice on the property but was a wealth of information on what we were going to be required to do purchasing from outside of the country.
We signed Trish up, she arranged and she looked at multiple properties for us. Arranging a time that she could face-time us whilst she was there and organising a time that worked out with the time difference in Australia.
When we found the right property Trish was on top of it all. We would wake to daily email updates and a lot of facetime calls as well. Nothing was too hard for Trish and she made making the purchase a breeze.
My husband had to fly there to sign the bank paperwork (unfortunately couldn't get out of that one) but Trish was there to meet him at the airport and she had arranged her day to help him get to the places he required to be to finalise the settlement.
A big thank you to Trish, we couldn't have done it this easy without you. Highly professional at all times and very approachable. I would not hesitate in the least to recommend Trish and Tanis. Kind regards and thank you for all that you have done!


Denise & Paul L - Kelowna

Tanis is a very professional, personable agent, who is very knowledgeable and involved in the Kelowna Real Estate Market. She is an excellent communicator & always available.

Trish took some awesome photos of our Townhouse.


This is the second Property we've sold with Trish and Tanis & would not hesitate to use them again. We have referred them to colleagues & friends.


Rick Alden - Kelowna

Most times selling a property can be a frustrating, labour-intensive and overall perplexing experience
Not so with Trish and Tanis Real Estate Group
This pair have made the selling of our condo an effortless, and most importantly stressfree and believe it or not rather enjoyable experience
Showings were plentiful but never a hassle, and if there was a last minute request ( and there were a few ), Tanis made sure we knew about it as soon as she did. She always provided us with valuable feedback whether positive or negative and never hesitated to answer any questions
We had help every step of the way, communicating with our lawyer on our behalf, ensuring there was no missing information and keeping him well advised, electronic signing of documents to mention just a few from a long list
I feel very fortunate to have found these guys, they are knowledgeable, thoughtful and downright amazing at what they do and they have the tools to get the job done right the first time!
Would I recommend Tanis Read and Trish Cenci from Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty to sell your coveted property? 
What do you think??


Marsha W - Vancouver

Thank you for your excellent service and smart advice and for all you did for us since we bought this Quail Ridge Condo Ten Years ago! - May 2017


A Jamieson - Kelowna

I cannot thank you both enough for your excellent professional advice, support and facilitation of my house sale. I am delighted with the terms of the sale in every possible way. It has been a pleasure working with you both and I hope that you know that I have and will continue to recommend you to both prospective Sellers and Buyers. - May 2017


Gord & Jan R - Alberta

We valued Trish's expertise in the area and also her advice and counsel in the negotiation process.


Laura S J


Amazing & professional every step of the way. Very understanding & Trusting. Explained and answered every question or concern.


Ev & Hans


Tanis, we would like to thank you again for everything you did for us. We will recommend you anytime. Your service is superb, very helpful and honest. It was so nice meeting you and we hope to use your service in the future.


B Compton

Thank you so much for your knowledgeable help & advice with respect to my real estate in Kelowna!


G Swetlishoff - West Kelowna

I would highly recommend Trish Cenci and Tanis Read with Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty.They were amazing in helping sell my elderly parents home.  They were the most prepared of the 3 realtors I interviewed with photos, comparable listings and a realistic asking price.  Trish and Tanis took the time to meet with my parents in their care home and explain the process of selling their home.  The home sold within 10 days.  Due to legal signing issues, they came up with a solution that accommodated both the seller and the buyer. I appreciated their exceptional communication skills keeping me up to date on all the detail. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.


M Lau

Three keywords to describe Tanis’s services: Reliable, Responsible and Flexible.Tanis is knowledgeable and very thorough with her explanation about buying and selling real estate.  She spent time listening to the needs of her clients and provides good recommendations of homes to choose from. There is no waste of time viewing homes that aren’t meeting the clients’ needs.I lived in Alberta and was looking to purchase a home for my daughter in Kelowna.  Despite my Asian accent, Tanis was able to understand me and my requirements.  I managed to find the perfect condo over in just one weekend trip to Kelowna.   Tanis helped me find a good mortgage broker and lawyer to finalize the purchase.  All transactions and paperwork were completed via emails.  Tanis also clearly explained about all fees involved including the Transfer Fee which is applicable in BC and not in Alberta.  On home possession day, Tanis ensure I have everything I need since I am new to the neighbourhood.

I definitely recommend Tanis to assist you in buying and/or selling your home. Tanis goes beyond just buying/selling your home.


Boleh diharapkan, bertanggungjawab dan fleksibel adalah ciri-ciri yang paling sesuai digunakan untuk menggambarkan perkhidmatan Tanis.

Tanis seorang yang berpengetahuan dan berupaya memberi penerangan yang menyeluruh mengenai pembelian dan penjualan hartanah. Selain itu, Tanis juga meluangkan masa untuk memahami keperluan pelanggannya supaya pengesyoran yang terbaik boleh dibuat. Pembaziran masa dalam melihat pelbagai jenis rumah yang tidak memenuhi keperluan pelanggan tidak akan berlaku.


Saya adalah seorang yang tinggal di Alberta dan pernah mencari tempat tinggal untuk anak saya di Kelowna.  Walaupun saya mempunyai  aksen Asian, Tanis masih boleh memahami perkataan dan kehendak saya. Dengan ini, saya berjaya mencari sebuah kondo yang sempurna dalam masa satu hujung minggu semasa lawatan saya di Kelowna. Tanis juga membantu saya untuk mencari broker gadai janji  dan peguam yang baik untuk memuktamadkan pembelian saya. Semua transaksi dan dokumen boleh dibuat melalui e-mel. Semua yuran terbabit termasuk “Transfer Fee”(dikenakan di BC) yang  tidak dikenakan di Alberta telah Tanis terangkan dengan jelas sekali. Oleh sebab saya baru di kejiranan ini, Tanis memastikan saya memiliki semua dokumen yang diperlukan semasa saya mendapat hak milik kondo tersebut.

Saya pasti akan mengesyorkan Tanis untuk membantu anda dalam pembelian dan penjualan rumah. Tanis bukan setakat menjual dan membeli rumah anda.

若要以三个形容词来形容Tanis 的服务,那肯定是可靠,负责任和有弹性。

Tanis 在房地产销售业博闻多识,并且得以提供非常全面的解说。除此自外,她也愿意细心聆听顾客们的需求并推荐最符合顾客要求的房屋。顾客们因此无需浪费宝贵的时间浏览不合心的单位。 

我现居于阿尔伯塔省并曾为我女儿置入一所位于基隆拿市(BC省)的公寓。尽管我拥有着浓厚的亚洲口音,Tanis 仍然能够清楚明白我的需求。就这样,在一个周末的行程,我找到了那完美的它。接着,Tanis 给我找来了专业的抵押贷款经纪人和律师以协助我完成这项买卖。值得一提的是所有的交易和文书都以电子邮件完成。Tanis 也清楚说明所有相关的费用包括没应用于阿尔伯塔省的“Transfer Fee”。在我持有公寓所有权的那天,Tanis也确保我这位初来这社区报到的新住户拥有所有重要的文件。

Tanis 绝对是我首推的房地产经纪人。她超越了买卖房屋喔!

Gary B & Joanne B

Trish took our listing on under very challenging circumstances and was very patient throughout. We very much appreciated her going above and beyond.

S-Y Lee - Montreal

 "I should thank Trish for all her efforts in the process of buying a condo. She was an excellent, professional, and knowledgeable Realtor! Even though we are not familiar with the Canadian system, she helped us a lot without hesitation.We would like to highly recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell the house. She could not be better! We were very happy with Trish and Tanis!! We never forget her. Thanks again!!!"


저는 몬트리올에 영주권자로서 1년 살다가 켈로나 에 콘도를 구매했습니다. 구매과정에서 아주 좋은 부동산중개업자를 만나 추천하려합니다. 

켈로나에 있는 트리쉬 센시 ( Trish Cenci )라는 여성분으로 처음부터 끝까지 최선을 다해 신속하고 정확하게 지원해 주어 아주 편안하게 좋은 콘도를 구입할 수 있었습니다. 특히 한국에 대해서 호의를 갖고 있는 태권도 유단자 실력의 지한파이기도 합니다.

특히, 제가 캐나다 시스템에 서투르고 멀리 퀘벡주에

있음애도 불구하고 좋은 자료를 지속적으로 제공해 주었고 질문에 신속하게 답변 및 조언도 해 주어 스트래스없이 적합한 집을 구할 수 있었습니다. 

구매자의 입장에서 적극성을 갖고 적시적절하게 조언도 해주며 완벽하면서도 신속정확한 업무처리 능력도 탁월합니다. 차후 중개업자를 선택하실 때 적극적으로 추천드리고 싶은 분입니다. 절대로 후회하시지 않을것입니다.


내 삼성 디바이스에서 보냈습니다


Werner Kraus - Berlin
Es hätte nicht besser sein können!
Nur sechs Wochen nach unserer Ankunft in Kelowna hatten wir unser Traumhaus gefunden, mit großem eingezäunten Garten für die Hunde, mit herrlichem Blick auf den Okanagan Lake und in einer wunderschönen Nachbarschaft. Auch bei der für uns fremden Kaufabwicklung wie Finanzierung und Anwalt würden wir von Tanis professionell unterstützt.
Wir können Tanis Read nur allen empfehlen, die ihren Traum in Kelowna Canada verwirklichen wollen.


It couldn't have been any better!
Just six weeks after arriving in Kelowna we found our dream house, with large fenced yard for the dogs, beautiful view of the Okanagan Lake and in a gorgeous neighbourhood. We also were professionally supported by Tanis for the unknown purchase process such as financing and lawyer.
We really recommend Tanis Read to everyone, who wants to make their dreams come true in Kelowna Canada.

D D'Urbano - Edmonton

J’ai récemment fait l’achat d’une maison à Kelowna en Colombie-Britannique et fait appel à l’aide de Trish Cenci comme agente immobilière. Pour établir un contexte, j’ai fait l’achat à distance, d’une autre province canadienne. C’est également mon premier achat d’habitation à vie. Je n’ai seulement eu qu’à visiter Kelowna à trois reprises au cours du processus d’achat, mais ces voyages auraient pu être limités à un seul voyage préalable à l’échange de titres.

Trish a été d’une très grande aide. Elle s’est montrée disponible dès mon premier appel où je lui ai fait la demande de la rencontrer dans un délai de quelques heures. Elle a été en mesure de me faire une tournée guidée des propriétés satisfaisants mes critères et n’a pas insisté sur ses propriétés à vendre. Elle a pris soin de m’informer des quartiers les plus désirables ainsi que de la géographie de Kelowna. Elle a aussi été très patiente avec mes interrogations de premier acheteur.

Je n’ai malheureusement pas trouvé de propriété me satisfaisant entièrement à ma première visite. Trish a poursuivi son aide en envoyant régulièrement des courriels affichant des propriétés correspondant à mes critères.

Après peu de temps, une propriété a été affichée qui correspondait parfaitement à mes critères. Trish s’est rapidement dirigée sur les lieux de la propriété et m’a fait une visite virtuelle par Skype. À ce moment, Trish et moi avons décidé de faire une offre d’achat conditionnelle à ma visite en personne. Tout au cours de cette deuxième visite, Trish a été très accommodante. Elle a offert de me ramasser à l’aéroport, a pris soin de me laisser faire la visite sans pression et a très bien négocié avec sa collègue agente immobilière en regard des détails de l’achat.

Ma troisième visite à Kelowna a eu pour but de faire l’inspection de la maison pour s’assurer qu’elle avait été construite avec les ajouts entendus et qu’il n’y avait pas de défaut dans la construction. Trish a offert de me représenter pour cette visite pour m’éviter un troisième voyage. J’ai bien apprécié son offre, mais je voulais voir la maison pour moi-même. Elle a insisté d’être présente pour mon inspection et a encore une fois été très accommodante. Elle a démontré son expérience pendant l’inspection en identifiant et insistant sur de subtils défauts qui m’avaient échappés.

Bref, je suis entièrement satisfait du travail et service de Trish et la recommande sans réserve. Elle est polie, accommodante, amiable et, surtout, elle sait défendre respectueusement les intérêts de ses clients.

Thanks, again, for everything. You’ve been fabulous and we’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking in the area.

B & R McKoen - Coquitlam 

Thank you again for all your help with this transaction. You have gone above and beyond. I would recommend you and your team to anyone! I know that in my business great service goes a long way and you obviously provide the same.

If I ever purchase again in Kelowna I know where to go!

Rob R.

Despite the depressed condo sales market in Kelowna over the past several years Tanis and Trish persevered consistently on our behalf. They have proven themselves to be exceptional Realtors & friends.

Garry and Debbie - Kelowna

Our sincere thanks and compliments to both Tanis and Trish for their thoroughness, tenacity, positive attitudes, professionalism & results.

G & D Hartley- Kelowna

Trish did an exceptional job in getting the information we wanted to complete the purchase. Spent days & evenings doing research on the Property on our behalf.


Trish was awesome. Very helpful & had lots of Info for us.

Janet & Paul - Lloydminster

We recently sold our Quail Ridge Condo through Trish Cenci.  From start to finish we felt like we were in such good hands and really appreciated the professional and personal service Trish gave us.  She was always very helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating, and went above and beyond our expectations.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Trish to anyone needing a realtor in the Kelowna area.  Thanks Trish for making this such a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Judy A. Kelowna

I would like to thank you both for all the work you did for the past year selling my father's condo. It's been a wild roller coast ride with many setbacks and I appreciate it how you have been the steadying factor keeping your eyes on the ball among many difficulties. You are true professionals and I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to sell their property in the Kelowna area. 

Barbara M. - Greece

Highly Recommended! Both Trish and Tanis went out of their way to do everything they could for us. From providing amazing full-colour photos of our place in their advertising, to taking the time to answer every single small question we had, they were both wonderful to work with. I would very highly recommend them to everyone, without hesitation. Thank you, Trish and Tanis.

Isha P. - Hawaii


Just a note to let you know how pleased we were with Tanis Read in facilitating a nearly impossible real estate transaction on the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home at Quail Ridge.We have dealt with a number of Realtors over the years, so we can say with some authority that Tanis is fantastic.

S & G Foreman

I spoke to Tanis regarding a property she was listing and was impressed with her courtesy & friendliness, so just luck that we found such a wonderful agent!

Details on file

I found Tanis to be exceptional in her handling of the sale.

W McDonald


Amazing Service, very helpful & understanding. No pressure at all & extremely patient with all my questions, as I am a 1st time home owner.

L St Jean - Kelowna


Exceptional service, above and beyond, from Tanis. She went out of her way to help us out.We very much appreciate her.

R Buchanan, BC- Kelowna

Completing long distance real estate transactions requires that you have a high degree of trust in your realtor.  I am tremendously impressed with the standard of service, attention to detail, thoroughness of communication and seamless team approach delivered by partners Trish Cenci and Tanis Read in a recent transaction where buyers, sellers and property were spread out over 4 cities.  The calibre of service they provide is not often seen any more in the real estate world.  I strongly encourage anyone with real estate needs to consider working with this exceptional team.

M Lee-  Real Estate investor Edmonton, AB

Thank you so much for all your help in this process. You gave us good advice, and were so helpful. You gave us good advice about location, and that was particularly helpful since we are from out of town. Thank you also for always answering all of our questions so promptly. That took so much stress out of the process. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone who asked! And when the time comes to sell this unit, you will be the first person we call.

Thanks again for all your help.

D & G Klomps - Surrey BC.

Trish was my real estate agent, and worked very hard to sell my property given a down slide in the market. She was very patient with me being slow getting my paperwork in, and very fair. She kept me updated on a timely fashion, and puts her heart and soul into her work. I highly recommend Trish for your next real estate purchase or sale.

B Christie - ALberta

From Beginning to end our Real Estate Connection with you left nothing to be desired. We have never experienced such dedication & professionalism, in earlier real estate transactions. It was a great relief & helped greatly with the turmoil involved in relocating. We now feel we acquired a good friend. No one will have to ask us twice for the name of an excellent Realtor.

A & G Cook.

I logged onto the Internet seeking a professional real estate agent to assist us with accommodation in Kelowna close to the UBC Okanagan campus as my daughter would be attending the university for the next three years. When I received Trish’s response to my email and then a follow up phone call, I was so impressed with the information she provided me with. We later met with Trish and instantly felt like we were in good hands. Ultimately, Trish found us the perfect place to purchase. As we are from the lower mainland, we relied heavily on Trish to assist us with a lot of different issues, all of which she did without hesitation. We would recommend Trish to anyone looking for a personable, professional real estate agent in the Kelowna and surrounding areas.

K Furneaux and A Young

We were very pleased with the level of service we received from Trish. Given that we were not located in Kelowna we felt the follow up, updates and communication provided kept us always informed on the progress of the listing and selling process. Your professionalism, expertise and superior service were much appreciated.

Tony & Linda Greco

We were so lucky to have found a realtor like Trish! Our deal had some ups and downs and Trish's calm nature, professionalism and dedication kept everything going smoothly. Trish was a delight to work with and we are convinced that we would have not secured our home without having her expertise on our side!

B & J Graham

Trish from the moment we first met, your friendly, personal and the homegrown feeling of your business leaves a great impression. We were so pleased with your support, guidance and attention to detail over the time it took to sell our condo. Even though we were 400 kms away, we had complete trust that you would move our property for us.

Dennis and Sally Rigo - Richmond

To Whom it May Concern,

When selling my home as an absentee owner, I don't think I could have gotten any luckier than I did when I chose Trish Cenci and Tanis Read to list my property.  Not only are they honest and above board with all of their recommendations, they are  also very knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate market in Kelowna, have a great sense of humor and make you feel like you, as the customer, come first and foremost.

Trish and Tanis went beyond the call of duty...

I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is buying or selling a property in the Okanagan.